About V. Jonas Urba

V. Jonas Urba, Attorney and Counselor at Law

Employment law and employment discrimination is the focus of the Urba Law Firm. The firm limits its practice to employment related claims. Most clients are employees. Some are employers.

V. Jonas Urba has invested more than 2 decades of his legal career representing employees and employers with employment related matters. It’s what he does and enjoys doing.

The Urba Law Firm is Westchester County based. Its principal law office is in Tarrytown, New York. It operates a primary website located @

Although hostile workplaces (sexual harassment), gender based discrimination, age discrimination, and wage and hour claims are busy areas for employment lawyers, Jonas often reviews and negotiates severance packages and helps with labor law and CBA (collective bargaining agreement) matters. The firm is very experienced with ADR (alternative dispute resolution) and administrative proceedings.

The firm was motivated by the challenges employees face in choosing an employment lawyer. Most of us are solo practitioners or small firms. Large employers often hire large law firms to defend them with employment matters. Jonas wanted to help anyone struggling to choose an employment lawyer. He wrote “How to hire an employment lawyer” for that reason. It’s a short read and can be found @ and should help you whether you are an employee or an employer.

For a FREE initial telephone consultation call Jonas at (914) 366-7366.

The firm’s goal is to return telephone calls no later than 24 hours from receipt although most are returned the same day. Documents are sometimes reviewed electronically but never before an initial telephone conference.

Hiring an employment lawyer should not be that hard. Put a little time and effort into doing so to get the best results.

Occasionally, Jonas represents clients he has never personally met. Although rare, if your facts are strong that could be you. Give Jonas a call to discuss. Please read how clients have reviewed him on the Practice Areas page of Thank you.