February 19, 2017

Hiring an Employment Lawyer

Employment law

How to hire an Employment Lawyer

Welcome to the Urba Law Firm – dedicated to employment law and encouraging everyone to find “the right fit” when hiring an employment lawyer. Principle office just 35 minutes north of Grand Central Terminal in New York City. A progressive law firm serving Manhattan and all of upstate New York.

The firm operates its primary website @ and limits its law practice to employment law issues. V. Jonas Urba, Esq. is the firm’s owner.

A few years ago Jonas got a call from another lawyer with 40 years of legal experience. That lawyer was what we refer to as a general practitioner. That lawyer did not limit his law practice to just one or two practice areas but handled many types of legal issues. He admitted a big mistake to Jonas.

The general practice lawyer was representing a client in an employment litigation matter. He and his client were close to starting a trial. Lawyer and client had prepared for more than a year. After all that time the lawyer finally realized his own error. He had not told his own client to keep looking for work. That was a fatal mistake in calculating future damages which his client would have been able to recover. No one could help either that lawyer or his client at that point. That lawyer felt terrible. He would have to tell his client the bad news. There was no excuse for the lawyer not telling his client what the law required. There was also no excuse for the client not doing what the law required. One of those “hired the wrong lawyer” situations.

The first thing an employment lawyer tries to assess is damages. When we think of damages we almost always consider three things. Those are past wage loss, future wage loss, and emotional distress damages. When the lawyer forgot or did not know to tell his client to keep looking for work he waived goodbye to future wage loss. That was similar to leaving 50% or more of the possible money which might have been recovered on the table. A big mistake.

Why would that concern you? If a general practice lawyer with more than 40 years experience made that mistake for his client, and you choose a generalist to represent you, would you not potentially be accepting a similar risk?

Hire or retain a lawyer who limits her or his practice to employment law issues. It’s possibly your best defense against disappointment or leaving money on the table.

V. Jonas Urba created this website to help everyone. Lawyers as well as potential clients. He understands that he cannot represent every potential client who calls him and he has no intention of doing that. He will not prohibit a potential client from calling other lawyers. If anyone has doubts about hiring or retaining a particular lawyer they should keep looking. A potential client should feel confident that they are hiring the right person!

For your free initial telephone consultation regarding a New York employment law issue call Jonas at (914) 366-7366. He helps clients throughout New York State and occasionally clients who left the state for other jobs call and retain him long distance from around the country. Jonas has successfully represented clients he never personally met which says something.

Your employment law matter may be the only legal matter of your life. Consider your options carefully. Sleep on your choices. If your gut says “no” keep looking. Don’t make the mistake the client who hired a generalist with 40 years of legal experience made. Hire someone who limits their practice to employment law.

Employment issues are stressful! Competent counsel can alleviate some of that stress.

V. Jonas Urba, Esq. is a licensed New York lawyer. He has studied and practiced the laws of Florida, then Colorado, and now New York State since 2011; a total of 28 years.

“Attorney Advertising” @2017, Urba Law Firm, 520 White Plains Rd., Suite 500, Tarrytown, New York 10591 (principal office but serving all of New York State).

Confidentiality is a high priority! Electronic information exchange is Google Drive secured. No attorney client relationship without a signed retainer agreement. Initial telephone consultations no charge. Statewide representation welcome. Tax advice never given. Suggestions are not legal advice until documents are reviewed. Documents are not reviewed until after an initial telephone consultation. This website and are solely for informational purposes and nothing else. Any client reviews posted on AVVO are drafted in the clients’ own words and are from actual former clients of Jonas. Hiring any lawyer, especially an employment lawyer in New York, is an important decision and a serious matter. Thank you for treating it that way!




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